The Real Estate Auction. Our Comprehensive Service For You.

As the largest Real Estate Auction House in Berlin, we have offered you our nationwide services for more than 25 year. Profit from our experience, professionalism and competence.

  Locations Our network of agencies and local representatives(PDF, 70 kB)  throughout the Federal Republic of Germany ensures a rapid solution to all your property needs.

You wish to sell your property at our auctions:

Initially, please fill out the property specification form(PDF, 200 kB)  as comprehensively as possible. If possible and available, add a marked cadastral map. Upon receipt of the documents, a member of our staff will contact you.

Your property specifications will be the basis for the assessment of the range of a possible reserve price (subject to an inspection). We will notify you of this rough estimate in order to establish whether this price largely meets your sale price expectations. If this is the case, we will inspect your property at short notice and notify you of a reserve price which is in line with the market and may be increased during bidding.

As a matter of course, the inspection as well as our consulting prior to the auction is free of charge. This also applies if you decide to not auction your property.

If you decide to offer your property for auction sale, it will be included in our catalogue with a circulation of about 65,000 print copies and 30,000 online catalogues for about 200,000 readers throughout the entire Federal Republic of Germany and in almost all European countries which guarantees that a very large readership is addressed. With this procedure and according to the general interpretation of law, our hammer prices create market prices.

An individual marketing concept will be drawn up for each property ranging from billposting to national advertising and the presentation in relevant internet portals. A comprehensive exposé, which can be obtained free of charge from interested parties prior to the auctions, will be prepared for each property. Furthermore, viewing appointments are offered and coordinated.

A total of 100 employed and free-lance staff members as well as 16 auctioneers (of whom 10 are publicly appointed and sworn-in) take care of the perfect preparation, conduct and handling of the auctions complying with economic and legal requirements.

The individual live auction days of our companies are visited by 200 to 600 persons every day. The average sales quota of our auction houses is at about 90% of the properties offered by catalogue or on Internet.

Deutsche Internet Immobilien Auktionen GmbH, a subsidiary of Deutsche Grundstücksauktionen AG, bundles the Internet activities of all four live auction houses, prepares for the Internet real estate auctions, conducts and handles them. Deutsche Internet Immobilien Auktionen GmbH is the market leader in Germany for commercial auctions of third-party property (for which a commission has to be paid) and and third-party property-equivalent rights. Regular Internet auctions take place twice a month.

When the award is given to the highest bidder by the auctioneers, the conditions relating to substantive law in the purchase deed are bindingly defined. Following knockdown, the notarisation of the purchase deed(PDF, 149 kB)  takes place immediately on the auction premises. The certifying notaries then handle the complete contract execution. The cost of the purchase deed shall be borne by the purchaser.

Independent of this, the Auction House has its own "Contract Management" department that takes care - also in support of the notaries - of purchase price payment deadlines and official approvals; i.e. it supports the quick execution of the purchase deed for the benefit oft he Seller.

Our clients for live and Internet auctions are:

  • private property owners
  • commercial property owners
  • the Federal Republic of Germany and its institutions
  • states, municipalities and communities
  • corporations under public law
  • non profit-making organisations
  • housebuilding and management companies
  • real property fonds
  • banks and insurances
  • insolvency administrators, curatorships of estates, executors of wills

In order to provide the aforementioned services, the Auction House receives - in the event of a successful auction sale - not only the buyer's commission but also a success-related graduated commission from the seller. This commission is agreed individually and independent of the type and value of the auctioned property. If, following an analysis of your property, it is not handed in for auction sale or if it is not sold at auction, costs will not be incurred.

Use the experience of Deutsche Grundstücksauktionen AG from over 390 auctions during more than 30 years.


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