DGA Auktionskatalog Frühjahrs-Auktionen 2018

6 Kurfürstendamm 65 · 10707 Berlin · Tel. (030) 8 84 68 80 · Fax (030) 8 84 68 888 · www.dga-ag.de Acquisition of Real Estate in Germany - Especially at our Auctions - In principle, foreign nationals can purchase all types of real estate without any restriction in the Federal Republic of Germany. For legally effective acquisition, the conclusion of a notarial real estate purchase agreement is required which will be notarised at auction after bid acceptance. Costs relating to purchases are approximately as indicated below; the basis of calculation is the purchase price/hammer price at the auction: Transfer tax on the acquisition of real estate (transfer tax) (for real estate in Sachsen und Bayern 3.5%) (for real estate in Baden-Württemberg, Niedersachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt und Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 5.0 %) (for real estate in Berlin und Hessen 6.0 %) (for real estate in Brandenburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Thüringen 6.5 %) Notary’s/Court Fees on request Auction commission for real estate in excess of € 60,000.00 7,14 % incl. VAT All convertible currencies are accepted as payment in cash by the Auction House (at the daily exchange rate); banking cheques from member countries of the European Union are also accepted by the Auction House. After bid acceptance, the commission and a bidding security totalling about 30% of the accepted bid price have to be paid at auction either in cash or by banking cheque. In principle, the purchase price balance has to be deposited within 1 to 2 month thereafter. If foreign bidders want to bid over the telephone, it is necessary to enter into a telephone bidding agreement and an appropriate security deposit – to be fixed by the relevant employee in charge at our House – has to be paid into a trust account of the Auction House prior to the auction. If a bidder is not successful with his/her bid, his/her deposit will be returned to him/her telegraphically on the first workday after the auction. All documents of relevance to real estate acquisition such as the Auction Conditions, the draft of the purchase agreement to be concluded and to be notarised, the telephone bidding agreement put up for auction are available upon request and will be submitted by mail, fax or e-mail. Our English speaking employees and an interpreter are present at the auctions as well as an English speaking notary and lawyer. For English language service in our House, please address queries to the following persons: Mr Michael Plettner, Mr Thomas Engel, Mr Hagen Wehrmeister and Ms Doreen Haak.